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Aeneid Book 8 notes

Aeneid Book 8 notes - Porsenna Cloeia broke chains and swam...

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Book 8 Aeneas’ shield: Crafted by Vulcan, work done by Cyclopes in the great volcano Etna. Shield is notable because it has all Roman glory that awaits. Romulus is being nursed by she-wolf, Gauls are defeated once they sack Rome in 390, Caesar Augustus defeats Cleopatra and Anthony at battle of Augustus, and much else. The shield is not necessarily all positive. First, there was the event of the She-Wolf feeding Romulus and Remus. Rape of Sabines was on there. After, many wars happened with Sabines. Romulus and Tatius were on there – Tatius was king of Sabines. Mettius’s (King of Albans) execution by expansion was shown too. Servius Tullius strew Mettius’ guts everywhere. Lars Porsenna was there too, who captured Rome for himself in 508 and tried to reinstitute Tarquiin rule. Cocles and Cloeia tried to defend the bridge against
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Unformatted text preview: Porsenna. Cloeia broke chains and swam the length of the river. Manlius saved Rome from the Gauls but was thrown of Tarpeia’s citadel rock. Shields fell from the sky during the gallic wars. Tartarus and the underworld was shown too. Cato judges righteous souls. Also, there was the War at Actium, which was the war that made Octavian ruler. Caesar supported Octavian. Agrippa led navy, and had previously been awarded a naval crown. Antony was thought to commit adultery by marrying Cleopatra and also treason by supporting foreigners. Cleopatra had sistrum, symbol of Isis. She committed suicide using snakes. Octavian was given a large triumph when coming back. He built the temple of Apollo....
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