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Aeneid Book 10 notes - Turnas screams that he wants to duel...

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Book 10 Turnas Killing Pallas: Pallas (Evander’s young son that Aeneas was supposed to apprentice) led the Arcadians. Pallas and Turnus fight. They both lose their spears. Pallas’ weapon cuts Turnus, but only a flesh wound. Turnus’ lance actually kills Pallas. Turnus rips Pallas’ belt off as a prize. Aeneas goes nuts, but Juno pleads for Jupiter to spare her son, Turnus, and he creates a phantom Aeneas which Turnus chases onto a ship. meanwhile, Mezentius takes over but is saddened when his son dies at the hands of Aeneas. Mezentius dies at the hands of Aeneas as well, and the Latins lose.
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Unformatted text preview: Turnas screams that he wants to duel Pallas by himself. Pallas agrees, if he dies or if he wins, he’ll have glory. Pallas invokes Hercules, however Hercules is not allowed to help b/c Jupiter barred any gods from helping. Pallas lacks the prowess to win this battle. Turnus’s lance kills Pallas. He steals Pallas’ belt, engraved in gold by Clonus. Turnus also says that he’s sending Pallas back to Evander in the condition that Evander deserved him in....
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