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Aeneid Book 12 notes - to help kill Turnus Thus she...

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Book 12 Juno and Jupiter: Juno worries about Turnus b/c she thinks Aeneas outmatches him. She calls his sister Juturna, and asks her to look out for Turnus. Latinus/ Aeneas come out onto battlefield. Juturna, not wanting to risk duel, poses as a Latin offer by the name of Camers, and goads the Latins into breaking the treaty. One Latin hurls a spear and kills a Trojan. Both sides start warring. Jupiter asks Juno, does she really believe Turnus can win? Aeneas’ win is inevitable, stop trying to fight against it. Juno concedes defeat, on the condition that the Trojans would take on the Latin name, customs, etc. Jupiter agrees, and says that this new race of Latins will be very powerful and honor Juno the most in worship. Jupiter sends down one of the Furies in the form of a bird, who shrieks and scares Turnus. Juturna knows that the bird is
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Unformatted text preview: to help kill Turnus. Thus, she laments (she is immortal because I think Jupiter raped her and gave her a wish). Aeneas and death of Turnus: Both toss spears. Juno asks Jupiter to have Trojans take on Latin customs. Done. Aeneas is about to spare Turnus but he sees the belt of Pallas. He kills turnus. Turnus is scared. Aeneas tells Turnus not to walk away b/c he’s scared but Turnus says he’s scared of Jupiter. Turnus finds a large boulder and throws it, but misses badly. Virgil equates Turnus’ feelings to being stuck in a bad dream where one is helpless. He throws a javelin but with no avail. Aeneas takes his spear and strikes Turnus’ leg, and Turnus collapses. Turnus begs for mercy, for the sake of Turnus’ father. Aeneas sees belt of Pallas and kills Turnus....
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