Class 2612 HR ch. 6

Class 2612 HR ch. 6 - Ch 6 RD War with Jugurtha Jugurtha...

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Ch. 6 RD War with Jugurtha: Jugurtha was a Numidian King. His father, Micipsa, died, leaving the kingdom to brothers Jugurtha, Hiempsal, and Adherbal. Jugurtha had Hiempsal killed, and exiled Adherbal. Adherbal begged Rome for help. Lucius Opimus sent commission of inquiry, and assigned the West to Jugurtha and the east to Adherbal. Jugurtha accepted this settlement. Jugurtha invaded Adherbal’s territory, captured him, and killed him. Rome tried to initialize war with Jugurtha, but was unsuccessful. Jugurtha even came to Rome, but his speech was vetoed by a tribune. The Roman effort improved under Quintus Caecilius Metellus. Gaius Marius helped end the war. His quaestor, Lucius Cornelius Sulla persuaded Jugurtha’s ally, King Bocchus of Mauretania, to betray him. Jugurtha was captured and killed. This exposed the senates lack of ability to determine the Roman intervention of a foreign states. C. Marius and Jugurtha : Efforts against Jugurtha improved with C. Marius as commander. Sulla, Marius’ quaestor, persuaded Bocchus, Jugurtha’s ally, the betray him. Jugurtha was paraded in Marius’ triumph and executed. Fundamental shortcoming: senate had difficulty determining foreign matters. War from the North: German peoples, Cimbri and the Teutones, migrated south. They won a series of victories against Rome, the most devastating of which was the battle at Arausio(modern Orange), at which former consul Quinitus Servilius Capio failed to
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Class 2612 HR ch. 6 - Ch 6 RD War with Jugurtha Jugurtha...

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