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Class 2612 HR Ch. 7

Class 2612 HR Ch. 7 - Ch 7 Sulla's Proscriptions Lists of...

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Ch. 7 Sulla’s Proscriptions - Lists of individuals condemned to death w/o trial. Heirs could not run for political office. o Anyone could kill them. - Purpose: to root out any prominent pple who were against Sulla o Included Senators and equites Sulla’s Dictatorship and Reforms - Dictatorship instituted by senate - Style Purposely recalled traditional office of dictator - Dictship validated all actions in advance - Not required to submit legislative proposal to assembly, could kill anyone - Term was unlimited (Sulla did not intend to rule forever, only until order restored) - Sulla first focused on senate o Felt it’s dominance could easily be challenged o Added 450 extra members o Meeting place(curia) enlarged o New senators came from equestrian class - Sulla doubled number of quaestors to help maintain a total of 600 senators - Increased praetors from 6 to 8 o This increased cursus honorum competition , which he felt was essential o He restored older cursus honorum restrictons - Cursus Honorum Restriction o Only ex quaestors eligible for praetor, only ex praetor eligible for consul o Age limits: 30, 39, 42 respectively o 10 year holding limite between holding any particular office again - Tribune viewed as threat to senate, made less attractive political office o Authority curtailed o Man who served as tribune could not serve for any further office o Veto right remained - Equites lost much of their identity o No longer allowed to serve on quaestiones - Redistribute new citizens among 35 existing tribes o
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