Class 2612 RD Ch. 3

Class 2612 RD Ch. 3 - suspected that they were lower...

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RD Ch. 3 Pliny’s wife – she was much younger than Pliy. Her name was Calpurnia. Pliny was delighted by the fact that she has completely dedicated herself to him, his work, and his writings. This was his 3 rd wife and he loved her very much. Divorce -- Marriage and divorce were both private matters – required no stateratification. Divorces (and marriages took place often for political and financial was prevalent among the upper class. divorce rates among lower classes are unknown, but it is
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Unformatted text preview: suspected that they were lower. Adultery: Married men could have occasional sex with slaves or lower class women. Later, towards the lat republican and early imperial periods, roman men had affairs with upper class women. Unlikely that lowerclass women had time for affairs. Ovid: advises men on where to meet women and how to begin an affair in his poem The Art of Love. Recommends the racetrack as a great place to flirt. He also wrote a poem about how to deceive one’s husband....
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