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Class 2612 RD Ch. 5

Class 2612 RD Ch. 5 - Old folks(Age ways Not many pple...

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RD Ch. 5 Meals (food ways) – 3 meals per day. Main meal of day taken in early evening. upperclass reclined on couches during dinner (poor sat on stools or chairs). Wheat was the main item in diet of poor Roman.They either crushed it or boiled it with water to make porridge, or ground it into flour and aker it as bread if they had an oven.Other items eaten by the ppor include beans, leaks, and sheep lips. Wealthy could afford meats, veggies, fruits, and slaves. Wine was the most common drink. Poor pple drank cheap wine or vinegar. This was typically mixed with water.
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Unformatted text preview: Old folks (Age ways)- Not many pple lived to advanced old age. Roman funeral (death ways) – Most Romans had simple funerals, but upperclass families might have had lavish funerals for glorious members. A body of the lower class person was removed from the city soon after death. The body of an illustrious man stated in state. romans expressed great reverence to ancestors. an imago was a face mask of the deceased. Pompeiian graffiti – graffiti frozen by eruption of mount Vesuvius. msgs were scratched on walls of buildings or painted....
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