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RD. ch. 7 Sundial (time ways) – Set up in forum. Enabled the day to be split into 12 segemnts from 1 st hour after sunrise to 12t hour right before sunset, and so on. B/c period from sunrise to sunset is shorter in winter than in summer, the 12 equal segments/hours were shorter in winter. Most pple just observed the sun’s movements and shadows. Quite loose with time = romans. Public land—land that had been confiscated by the Romans from pple who they conquered in war. Belongs to state of Rome, could be given to Roman colonists, sold, or rented. Tiberius Gracchus: brought forward bill to create farms for landless. hoped to strengthen roman army, and to lessen threat of slave rebellions. encountered heavy opposition from senate.bill was not a real success.
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Unformatted text preview: Shepherds: Wroters developed image of shepherd’s life as carefree lazy existence.shepherd’s life was at best dull, possible even intolerably harsh. they spent months in isolation, leading their flocks from pasture to pasture. no matter the weather, they were with their sheep. During lambing season, they may go weeks without sleep. Real life shepherds spent most of their days w/o human companionship. It was considered one of the least desirable of jobs, and many shepherds were slaves.Shepherds in poems are friendly fellows though. shepherds would be easy targets for thieves who lived in mountains. Cincinnatus: ideal farmer, appointed dictator, kicked ass, and came back and continued farming....
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