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Class 2612 RD Ch. 8

Class 2612 RD Ch. 8 - first they would be tortured Also if...

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RD Ch. 8 POWs – When Rome captured a town, inhabitants were part of war booty. Those inhabitants who could not pay a ransom were slaved. Cruelty to slaves – Slaves were property, not persons. Thus, pple were very cruel to slaves, the only relation to the masters were that they were property. Freeworkers may do the same jobs, but they had status as pple. Slaveowners vented their frustration by treating slaves cruelly. Laws were cruel too, if slaves were required to testify in court,
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Unformatted text preview: first they would be tortured. Also, if one slave murdered the master, all slaves in household would be killed. Slave revolts: Many romans lived with the fear that their slaves may revolt. The decision by the senate to execute all 400 slaves of Pedanius Secundus was driven by this fear. Punishments for slaves were particularly brutal. Spartacus: Led slave revolt, near in Naples, started in gladiator barracks. then, 6000 slaves were crucified....
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