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Class 2612 RD Ch. 13

Class 2612 RD Ch. 13 - family friends country and the gods...

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RD Ch. 13 female public identity: dependent on family connection for identityBheavior in role other than family role brought notoriety. guardian: if woman’s father died, she was entrusted to a guardian. Sempronia: Supported Catline and “scandalized” Roman citizens. They were scandalized because she assumed a public role in the political life of Rome and not done so in support of her family, but for personal reasons. Sempronia was viewed as willful and people were disgusted. Turia: Outstanding example of pietas: an unswerving sese of duty and loyalty to one’s
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Unformatted text preview: family, friends, country and the gods. hysteria: Anxiety, and emotional tensions – thought to only be found in women by romans. for some reason, hysteria was much more prevalent in rome than it is now. working women: Did not know much about them,all sources were historically upper class men. only source is epitaphs. cosmetics: Ovid also advised women how to best make use of cosmetics. Ued arleym used eggs to moisten barley, honey, etc. and this causes skin to be smooth and radiant. Roman men/women used mixtures to dye hair (e.g. henna). german wigs were popular...
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