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Class 2612 RD ch. 14

Class 2612 RD ch. 14 - gladiators Competitions to honor the...

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RD Ch. 14 Roman Baths: Enjoyed by all sorts of pple. Almost every village had one bath building. Bathing was only for washing off dirt. many pple would atrend daily. chariot races: Oldest and most enduring public entertainments. Originally Romulus first held it to impress Sabine women. Remained immensely popular during Byzantine period. Designed to createprofit. Chariots were small, pple would epect crashes.
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Unformatted text preview: gladiators: Competitions to honor the dead. Gladiators were trained fighters, who were often captured in war. There were agile gladiators (net men) and heavily armed gladiators who moved slowly. Gladiators could die during battle, but this was against the owners’ self interest....
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