ENGRC 3350 Assignment 1

ENGRC 3350 Assignment 1 - As I attempt to inventory my...

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As I attempt to inventory my clothes, it becomes apparent that there are four types of outfits in my drawers: formal outfits, cultural Indian garments, and casual attire used for warm and cold weather, respectively. It is possible to select four individual outfits that each uniquely characterizes one of the aforementioned groups and serve as artifacts used for communication in certain contexts. Outfits that accomplish this feat are a suit, a kurta pajama, brown shorts paired with a t-shirt, and jeans that go well with a sweatshirt. First, a grand, beige suit consisting of both a jacket and a pair of trousers is representative of formal attire. Usually, this suit is worn in conjunction with a light-yellow dress shirt and a plain, solid, blue tie. It is somewhat loose, and it would be able to fit anyone who is approximately 6 feet tall. It bears no striped or dotted designs; rather, it is of a solid, bold, regal light-brown color. Furthermore, its jacket consists of three black buttons that are located approximately at the waist and two more identical, black buttons are located at each sleeve in calibrate the fit of sleeves around one’s arms. The inner shell of the suit jacket is made of a golden, soft silk. Additionally, the pants are the same beige color as the jacket. They contain absolutely no wrinkles and no other distinguishing characteristics, for they are very similar in look, feel and texture to the jacket. In short, this suit is visually appealing. These salient details of the suit mean that the suit took a great amount of care to make and consequently, cost a good amount of money. One should consider the context in which this outfit would be deemed “appropriate”: high-priority occasions such as a job interview, a wedding. The reason for this is that most suits are expensive, and this suit is no exception; when an ornate garment is worn at a special occasion, the person wearing the garment
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ENGRC 3350 Assignment 1 - As I attempt to inventory my...

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