ENGRC 3350 Chapter 4 tables - Chapter 4 Table Human...

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Chapter 4 Table Human Relations Human Resources Systems Metaphor Organization as the sum of Relationships Organization as a participative democracy Biological Organisms Theme Improved Human relations leads to improved efficiency and productivity Build on human relations theory to be concerned with the total organizational climate as well as with how an organization can encourage employee participation and dialogue. Complexity Influences Romantic ideals, Development of psychology, social scientific methods Human relations theory, Abraham Maslow, Douglas McGregor, Ensis Likert Einstein, McLuhan, Miller, von Bertalanffy, information engineering model of communication Focus of Management Principles Ideal form of society is democratic and values open and honest relationships Encouraging employee participation and dialogue Everything counts; studies of interdependent processes, information flows and feedback, environments and contingencies Management of Relationships Divisions of labor/management
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ENGRC 3350 Chapter 4 tables - Chapter 4 Table Human...

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