ENGRC 3350 Chapter 5 questions - Chapter 5 questions...

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Chapter 5 questions #1,3,5,7, and describing tactics used to learn about the culture of an organization 1) There are numerous definitions of culture. First, culture has previously been defined as a state of intellectual refinement associated with the arts, philosophy, and learning. An alternative definition of culture is the way of life of particular groups, peoples, nations, or periods. Finally, yet another definition of culture is a description of a particular way of life which expresses certain meanings and values. All of these definitions are accurate and when examining what culture means, one should consider the context in which the word is used. In many respects, there are similarities between studying organizational culture and the culture of countries; both types of cultures are symbolically constructed through language, everyday practices, and member’s meaning making. However, in every national culture there are thousands of smaller cultures based on religion, ethnicity, and a myriad of other factors. Although there are similarly subgroups within office cultures, they might be formed due to reasons different than the aforementioned factors. Additionally, when studying a country’s culture, it is almost impossible to study all of the
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ENGRC 3350 Chapter 5 questions - Chapter 5 questions...

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