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ENGRC 3350 Chapter 6 questions

ENGRC 3350 Chapter 6 questions - behave in order to secure...

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Chapter 6 Assignment EXAMPLES OF POWER Reward power: An example of reward power occurred when I was on an engineering project team. My project team leader was in charge of assigning me a grade, which is a formal reward, in exchange for my compliance with the rules and regulations of the project team. Therefore, because he was in charge of giving me an formal reward, he had reward power over me. Coercive Power : An instance of coercive power occurred yet once again on my engineering project team. My project team leader had the ability to kick me off the team and thereby punish me if I submitted poor work assignments, and consequently possessed coercive power over me. Referrent Power: An example of referent power I experienced was in my charismatic mathematics professor’s class. I was willing to do what he asked in order to be more like A; I too wanted to be charismatic and knowledgeable like my mathematics professor and obtain an advanced degree in statistics, much like he did. Thus, when he told me how to
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Unformatted text preview: behave in order to secure recommendations from professors, I followed suit. Expert Power: I experienced an example of expert power with my teaching assistant. I was willing to do what my teaching assistant told me to do in office hours in order to improve my grades; I did this because I respected my teaching assistant’s knowledge. Legitimate Power : In the investment group I am in, I am an analyst. The president of the investment group holds legitimate power over me because I must comply with his wishes due to his higher-level position. Invisible Power: An example of invisible power that I experienced was the power of my rigid, academic curriculum. I am forced to take a set of courses in order to graduate; whoever designed this curriculum wields invisible power over me. What I did to respond was petition courses that I thought were unreasonable....
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