ENGRC 3350 Cornell Store introduction

ENGRC 3350 Cornell Store introduction - The Cornell Store...

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The Cornell Store is a consensus-based, data-driven, multi-purpose campus store that has served the Cornell community since 1895. It differs from other retail stores in part due to its nonprofit status; the Cornell Store seeks to maximize the quality of the service provided to Cornell students and faculty as opposed to solely attempting to maximize its wealth. Thus, unlike retail stores such as Borders or Barnes and Noble which are most concerned with making as large a profit as possible, the Cornell Store is most concerned with providing a service to the community in which it resides. In this paper, we will examine the worldview, organizational structure, physical structure, and the mission of the Cornell Store in the context of organizational communications. In general, physical arrangement of space is of utmost importance for the success of retail stores – the Cornell Store is no exception to this rule. Consequently, employees of the Cornell Store have been immensely careful in designing and maintaining the store’s physical organization. At the most rudimentary level, the store can be separated into so-called front-office and back-office segments. The front-office portion of the Cornell Store is the part that interacts with customers and clients and attempts to provide customers with products or services that are demanded. When one walks into the Cornell Store to purchase a good or service, they will deal almost exclusively with front-office staff. Contrastingly, the back-office portion of the Cornell Store consists of the components of the store necessary to support any complex organization such as the Cornell Store. This portion of the store does not deal with customers on a regular basis and it consists of departments such as marketing, accounting, information technology, and upper-management. Such departments are not specific to the Cornell Store itself but are necessary to support any moderately sized retail store. Together, the front-office and back-office
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portions of the Cornell Store work in harmony to produce the best experience and service possible to the Cornell community. The front-office component of the Cornell Store can be further segmented into many
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ENGRC 3350 Cornell Store introduction - The Cornell Store...

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