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Community Connection Project: Interview Questions 1. What is the most difficult challenge working with the kids in Juvenile Hall? 2. Do you think the efforts of City Youth Now make a difference in the recidivism rate of offenders? Why? 3. What is the most challenging aspect of working in this environment? 4. How does the attitude of the Social Workers, Teachers and Volunteers differ from the Inmate Supervisors and Sherriff’s Deputies differ from each other?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Other than the behavioral issues, family histories and substance abuse issues, do you think there is something else that makes these children different from the children that don’t find themselves getting into trouble with the legal system? 6. What would you change about the juvenile justice system to reduce the rates of incarceration? 7. What would you do differently to reduce the rates of recidivism?...
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