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Sub Abuse Biblio - Pankratz M& Hallfors D(2004...

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Botvin, G., & Griffin, K. (2007). School-based programmes to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. International Review of Psychiatry , 19 (6), 607-615. Burke, M. (2002). School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention: Political Finger-Pointing Does Not Work. Federal Probation , 66 (2), 66. Cuijpers, P. (2002). Effective ingredients of school-based drug prevention programs: A systematic review. Addictive Behaviors , 27 (6), 1009.
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Unformatted text preview: Pankratz, M., & Hallfors, D. (2004). Implementing Evidence-Based Substance Use Prevention Curricula in North Carolina Public School Districts. Journal of School Health , 74 (9), 353-358. Ringwalt, C., Vincus, A., Hanley, S., Ennett, S., Bowling, J., & Rohrbach, L. (2009). The prevalence of evidence-based drug use prevention curricula in U.S. middle schools in 2005. Prevention Science, 10(1), 33-40....
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