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1 Health Education 400 GWAR: The Health Education Profession San Francisco State University, Department of Health Education Fall 2009 (this syllabus applies to QUIJANO sections 400.02, 400.03, 400.04) Instructor: Victoria Quijano, MPH Instructor Office: HSS 319 Instructor Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11 to 12 E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 415-405-2610 Course Description Prerequisite: successfully completed HED 214 or its equivalent w/ a C or higher and lower division critical thinking requirement. This course is an introduction to public health and the health education profession. This course is the first in a series of four sequenced and integrated courses designed to systematically prepare health educators for the professional field. Students will learn about concepts critical to the work of health educators--public health functions, health education competencies, social justice, community assessment, and social science theory—while practicing critical skills such as assessment, accessing technology, academic and professional writing, collaboration, and communication. HED 400 GWAR is a writing intensive course designed to provide students with rigorous, discipline-specific, professional writing practice along with a high level of writing support. This course fulfills the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) which is equivalent to taking and passing the Junior English Proficiency Exam (JEPET) and ENG 414. Students must pass HED 400 GWAR with a C or higher in order to advance to HED 430 as well as to fulfill the GWAR. By the end of the course students will be able to: define public health and the health education profession define and apply the core functions of public health, the spectrum of prevention, and levels of prevention describe the current practice of health education and settings for public health describe the professional preparation of health educators develop a community profile by accessing and interpreting data from the US Census; including formulating data in graphs and charts collect, analyze, and interpret observational data on a community discuss current and emerging issues facing society, public health, and the health education profession use information technology and computer resources to access health information analyze social determinants and their relationship to population based health describe the qualifications and competencies necessary for a career in health education practice academic writing conventions for the health education profession
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2 Course Policy and Resources Student Participation and Attendance This course is designed to progressively build upon course skills and concepts while drawing from student experience. Because of this, you are expected to attend every class, participate in class discussions, and have completed readings and assignments. A portion of each student’s grade will reflect these expectations. You are responsible for all information and assignments presented during class whether
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400 Syllabus - Health Education 400 GWAR: The Health...

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