Chapter 1 - Chapter 1-FL Politics-growth helped lead to...

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Chapter 1-FL Politics -growth helped lead to partisan change -traditionally a democratic state until the mid 1960s due to in-migration -NE Dems moving to S. FL bringing with them more liberal ideas helped the Old South Conservative Dems change party affiliation to GOP - Growth Politics- deal with crime rate (more police, jails, judges); educational needs; transportation; environment growth management (quantity and quality of drinking water, sufficient land, support animals). Crime rate is result of a churning population. -Political Rootlessness - 75% not born in FL, political loyalty and name recognition will not be as strong for incumbants (1 million new people per decade). Swing voters, persuadeable by media, especially in state elections and policy issues. Large number of swing voters, 23% not registered with either party. Would cost 2-3 million a week to saturate every media market during a state race. Floridians are less civic minded- volunteerism and taxes for education, etc, not seen as tied down to the state. -Political geography - 800 mile drive from Pensacola to Key West. “Farther you go north, the farther south you get”. N. FL is the Old South politically. - Economic diversity - service/tourism is the number one sector. Before Disney, agriculture was the main. High tech is becoming prominent. Central Florida is the
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1-FL Politics-growth helped lead to...

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