Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 FLORIDA'S CONSTITUTION-power comes...

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Chapter 2 FLORIDA’S CONSTITUTION -power comes from people -limited government, what can and cannot do -legal statues: National Supremacy Clause, state cannot go against US Constitution -strictly state issue- supreme law of the state -should be brief, FL > 50k words -on the 6 th constitution PAST CONSTITUTIONS -1 st territorial (1838), preparing to become a state, slavery was a big issue -Civil War (1861): Confederate States of America -Post Civil War (1865): abolition, but no black vote/jury -Reconstruction (1868): Carpetbagger Constitution, male suffrage, strong governor (didn’t trust other officials), no local elections, established public schools & state prison -Post Reconstruction (1885): weak governor (1 term, cabinet government), local elections, poll tax, 50k words by 1968 -1968 latest Constitution- revision on 1885, new constitution 1968 CONSTITUTION OUTLINE -Declaration of Rights in Article I -overlaps US Constitution -adds to bill of right -additions: rights of accused and victims -“sunshine” provision- access to public records, ahead of the curve, aggressive -privacy- no right to privacy in the US Constitution, every one has right to privacy except in cases of parental notification for minor’s abortion -privacy v. sunshine- drivers license records, public utility records. There are times when the right to privacy and the right to public records do clash. Autopsy photos (Dale
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 FLORIDA'S CONSTITUTION-power comes...

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