MMCh1 - • Retirees in Villages white mid-western...

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Media Markets Chapter 1 WEST FLORIDA Conservative Native Floridians Military veterans Tend to vote republican NORTH TO CENTRAL Old democratic heartland Leon and Alachua counties tend to vote dem Conservative dem Seat of gov’t-employees tend to be dem Universities influence NORTHEAST Black dem, white rep Many new residents- white rep Politics of new south, from agriculture to financial services, etc. Tends to vote rep TAMPA BAY As the region goes, so goes the state Largest percentage of all registered voters Fast growing Swing area Tends to be rep Large retired population CENTRAL FLORIDA Politics of growth and change Moving here for economic opportunities Party change over time Influx of Hispanics
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Unformatted text preview: • Retirees in Villages- white, mid-western in-migration • Military personnel • Young families • Very moderate • Tended to be rep, now leaning dem • Swing region • I-4 corridor- swing region of the state SOUTHWEST • Republican stronghold • Older population from Midwest • Tend to be conservative rep PALM BEACH/FT. PIERCE • Rural and urban collide • Urban county (Palm Beach) tend to vote dem, older population from NE, liberal democrats MIAMI-DADE/FT. LAUDERDALE • Fl’s melting pot • Culturally diverse • Largest metropolitan area in state • Huge dem wave • Miami-Dade can be politically competitive • Broward County strongly dem...
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MMCh1 - • Retirees in Villages white mid-western...

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