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Media Markets Chapter 2 Florida’s Black Voters 3 rd in number for black population in South lower in percentage duval has highest percentage Miami-dade has highest number Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson counties Gadson- majority residents are black Duval has almost 30% Voter registration: democrats, less registration than white voters Increase in black elected officials: VRA, largest # of democrats, vote as a block (decide victory or defeat in close elections) Trend in population from 1900-2000: numbers going up as percentage going down because of more white moving in
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Unformatted text preview: • Effect of black immigration from Caribbean (Haiti and Jamaica): locate to Miami (dade, Monroe, broward) • Political successes: Haitians elected to state legislature, Miramar: Jamaican officials county and city • Party affiliation: Haitians tend to be less dem and more independent • Effect of black Floridians on dem party: higher number of elected officals in N. FL and SE FL because there is larger concentration of black dem population, state senate 26/14 rep to dem (7 dem senators are black), congressional delegation: S FL, Jax...
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