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Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast

Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast - • Rest of market...

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Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast “Rural and Urban Collide” Dominant county is Palm Beach Newspaper: Palm Beach Post Population: 1.7 million, 11% of state Registers and votes democratic Registration: 42% D, 39% R, 19% NPA Voter ethnicity: 86% W, 8% B, 3% H 2 forces that have dominated politics: support for democratic party and population growth Palm Beach county dominates and Democratic party dominates that county Rise and fall of P.B. dem party: it was the dominate party, but not well- organized. Friedkin invested time and money and got party going. When Friedkin left, the party fell apart
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Unformatted text preview: • Rest of market differs from P.B. county because they are smaller and republican • Migration to the area: Caribbean, Northeastern U.S., native residents are 25% • How has migration within region progressed and why? Shifted to counties north of P.B. because cost of living is lower • Political power: not a lot of power because can’t get a unified voice, rise of Republicans in Tallahassee • Growth issues: rules governing development, environmental issues, schools • No relationship between growth and political strength • No strong political leadership...
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  • Spring '09
  • Jewett
  • Domination, South Florida metropolitan area, Palm Beach County, Florida, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida

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