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Southwest Florida: Republican Stronghold Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Glades, Hendry, Lee Newspaper: Ft. Myers News Press Population: just over 900k, 5.7% of state population Rep: 49%; Dem: 32%; NPA: 18% Ethnicity: White: 90%; Black: 3.6%; Hispanic: 2.9% Votes for Republicans, expect for 2006 senate race (Nelson) Defining characteristic of the region: overwhelming population growth Urban-rural split: difference in the more populous, urban, coastal counties (Charlotte, Collier, Lee) and the less populous, rural counties 3 things that make area unique: 1) population growth, 2) conservative ideology, 3) high per capita income and high property values Population growth statistics: top 100 in U.S. for fasted growing counties. Lee grows 2 people per hour, Collier at a faster rate Residents divided over issues:
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Unformatted text preview: natives (conservative democrats, concerned with local issues) and newcomers (conservative republicans, northerners); split over Sanibel Island • Sanibel Island: bridge with $3 toll coming in, but not going out. Money goes to Island treasury. Opponents say it discourages poorer people from going to island • Local race competition : intraparty competition • Growth issues: 1) land development, 2) schools, 3) public services • What have 2 cities in Lee suggested and why? What to break off and start own county because they don’t feel well-represented • Political power in state: have money (their resource), but not the population to make a real impact in elections • Local economy and changes: tourism was #1 economic activity, wealthy retirees. Concern was affordable housing...
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