Lecture2 - What Isn't International Business Not Much...

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Lecture 2 – What Is International Business Why is International Business Important Or So what are you doing in this class anyway? Why Is International Business Different? Currencies Government/Laws Different Languages Different Cultural Perspectives Different Economic Systems/Cycles Differing Geographies Higher Risk – Until Diversified What Is An “International” Business? companies with operations in more then one nation business selling products across national boundaries businesses that rely on international suppliers business that is affected by international competitors
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Unformatted text preview: What Isn't International Business? Not Much! Isolated Real Estate Non Transportable Products Highly Perishable Goods Local Services Why is International Business Important World Growth Survival (we must or they will) World equalization World Peace What are International Businesses Bigger Problems Economic Growth Who Wins / Who Loses Income inequality Are $ figures all that count? How Do You View the World? Multinational Perspective Multidomestic Perspective Global Perspective...
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