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Lecture4 - Employer/Employee Relations People to Government...

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Lecture 4 - Cultural Traits Culture Definition (reminder) A fuzzy set of mostly shared traits within a defined population What Are the Traits (reminder) There are many hundreds -they vary by culture Several important dimensions have been defined to help study business interactions Hofstede's 4 Dimensions Uncertainty Avoidance – The rejection of risk Investments Social Interaction Power Distance - The psychological and social distance between superiors and subordinates
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Unformatted text preview: Employer/Employee Relations People to Government Relations Parent to Child Relations Collectivism vs Individualism Teamwork Rewards Systems Innovation Management Masculinity vs Femininity Rewards Structure Rewards Other Important Traits Attitudes Towards: Material Wealth Achievement Time Change Subjective Vs Objective Decision Making Family Authority Trust Future Orientation Fatalism monochronic vs polychronic information processing...
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