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Chapter 2 I. Historical background of management a. Division of labor (job specialization): Adam Smith- breakdown of jobs into narrow and repetitive tasks b. Industrial revolution II. Scientific management a. The use of scientific methods o define the “one best way” for a job to be done b. Frederick W. Taylor: 4 principles of management i. Develop a science for each element of an individual’s work, which will replace the old rule-of-thumb method ii. Scientifically select and then train, teach, and develop the worker iii. Heartily cooperate with the workers so as to ensure that all work is done in accordance with the principles of the science that has been developed iv. Divide work and responsibility almost equally between management and workers. Management takes over all work for which it is better fitted than the workers c. i. Studied hand-and-body motions d. How do today’s managers use scientific management? i. Eliminate wasted motions to be more efficient III. General administrative theory a. Described what managers do and what constituted good management practice b. Important contributions i. Henri Fayol 1. 14 principals of management ii. Max Weber 1. Bureaucracy- a form of organization characterized by division of labor, a clearly defined hierarchy, detailed rules and
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ch2_outline - Chapter 2 I. Historical background of...

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