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Management Chapter 15 I. Understanding Groups a. What is a group? i. Two or more interacting and interdependent individuals who come together to achieve specific goals ii. Formal groups are work groups defined by the organization’s structure that have designated work assignments and specific tasks iii. Informal groups are social b. Stages of group development i. Continual state of change ii. Forming: people form the group then the task of defining the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership; complete when members begin to think of themselves as part of a group iii. Storming: intragroup conflict- resist the control that the group imposes on individuality. Conflict over who will control the group; complete when clear hierarchy of leadership within the group and agreement on group’s direction iv. Norming: close relationships develop and the group becomes cohesive; complete when the group structure solidifies and the group has assimilated a common set of expectations regarding member behavior v. Performing: group structure is in pace and accepted by group members; perform the task at hand. Last stage for permanent groups vi. Adjorning: high levels of task performance are no longer the group’s top priority as attention is directed at wrapping up activities II. Explaining work group behavior a. External conditions imposed on the group
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i. Conditions include: organization’s strategy, authority, relationships, formal rules and regulations, availability of organizational resources, employee selection criteria, the organization’s performance management system and
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ch15_outline - Management Chapter 15 Understanding Groups &...

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