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Management Chapter 17 I. Who are leaders and what is leadership? a. A leader is someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority II. Early leadership theories a. Trait theories i. Trait-focused on the leaders ii. Impossible to identify one set of traits that would always differentiate leaders iii. Seven traits 1. Drive 2. Desire to lead 3. Honesty and integrity 4. Self-confidence 5. Intelligence 6. Job-relevant knowledge 7. Extraversion b. Behavioral theories i. How a leader interacts with group members ii. University of Iowa studies 1. Autocratic style: centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation 2. Democratic: tends to involve employees in decision making, delegates authority, encourages participation in deciding work methods and goals, uses feedback as an opportunity for coaching employees 3. Laissez-faire: gives the group complete freedom to make decisions and complete the work in whatever way they saw fit 4. Democratic style contributed to both good quantity and quality of work iii. Ohio State studies 1. Initiating structure- the extent to which a leader defined and structured his role and the role of group members in the search for goal attainment; involves attempts to organize work, work relationships, and goals 2. Consideration: the extent to which a leader had hob relationships characterized by mutual trust and respect for group members’ ideas and feelings 3. A leader that is high in both areas can achieve high group task performance and high satisfaction iv. University of Michigan studies 1. Employee oriented: emphasizes interpersonal relationships 2. Production oriented: emphasize the technical or task aspects of the job; group members are a means to the end
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v. The managerial grid
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ch17_outline - Management Chapter 17 I. Who are leaders and...

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