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quiz5Solution - Sal Math 2602 w Quiz 5 Name Prof Garibaldi...

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Unformatted text preview: Sal: Math 2602 w Quiz 5 Name: Prof Garibaldi October 4, 2006 3 {,3 b_{ $.19er 92. For full credit you must Show all of your work. Partial credit will be. awarded for correct work, so please be as clear as possible. Problem [10 points total] Suppose you have an infinite supply of nickels, dimes and quarters. (a) (5 points) How many difierent selections of 15 coins can be chosen? (b) (5 points) How many different selections of 15 coins can be chosen if you must have at least three quarters in your selection? Computethe actual number in each part and circle your final answer. a) [£25 um; demwfiaéé- b: [3" 650565 ‘6 "mpgaytfrg ufiifigcer. as 'i‘l was to 396% 1.: COFNA: ””3"" :(g) 15' é . $(g): I7: :- ...
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