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quiz8Solution - Math 2602 — Quiz 8 Name Prof Garibaldi...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 2602 — Quiz 8 ' Name: Prof Garibaldi November 1, 2006 D2 For full credit you must Show all of your workibe as clear as possible. No books or notes allowed. Problem (10 points total) Cogsider the fogpwing graph G (V, E): (a) (2 points) Is there an Eulerian cycle in G(V, E)? (b) (2 points) Is there an Eulerian path in C(V, E) (c) (2 points) Is there a Hamiltonian cycle in G(V, E)? (d) (4 points) What is the chromatic number, x(G(V, E)) of this graph? In parts (a)-(c) find and write down an appropriate path /cycle if it exists. If there is no such path/cycle, then justify your claim. Again. you must prove your answer in part ((1) (using theorems and examples when appropriate). :- 596. @- Né' gem ”mam We“ 6 Ame ado! degrees 7 (b), Yes. Mme an Wm fat/L.- . (38cdwefobcgbe) (Cl Yes. 72539er a. Haméfiémihn 74¢ (a 1, 3 5 016256!) Col), fig; mafia Tim 310% 2/5 4 cataract a“ shear" m migrant by use? W» L2 3 4- 50 7555,)44. 3321;;qu m m me back creams. Acton 6W: car)— 4’ 50 Occé) 34. MM. acre): 4.. ...
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