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Christman 1 Tiffany Christman/FTMYERS Professor Hazel Medical Procedures/Weekly Forum 2 15 March 2010 Describe the route that blood takes from the heart to the lungs to get oxygenated and back to the heart. Also, describe the process by which gasses are transferred in the lungs. A pathological condition is an abnormal anatomical or physiological condition and the objective or subjective manifestation of disease, not classified as disease or syndrome. (MDIBL, “Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms”) An example of such a condition would be hallux abducto valgus, more commonly referred to as bunions. Bunions are formed due to a genetic malformed bone structure in the foot, wherein the first metatarsal joint is misaligned and the joint becomes swollen and painful. There are non-invasive methods to lessen the pain, such as wearing custom made orthotic shoes, foot braces, having corticosteroid injections or simply icing the inflammation. Invasive surgery is an option for bunions that are more advanced. (ACFAS, “Bunions”)
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ChristmanWK1ForumQuestion2 - Christman 1 Tiffany...

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