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Christman 1 Tiffany Christman/FTMYERS Professor Hazel HHSM/Weekly Forum 2 17 March 2010 Describe the route that blood takes from the heart to the lungs to get oxygenated and back to the heart. Also, describe the process by which gasses are transferred in the lungs. I was initially struggling with grasping this process until I started viewing the heart as two separate parts in one unit – the deoxygenated side and the oxygenated side, or the interatrial and interventricular, respectively (Fremgen et al 134). As this is an ongoing, circular process it has no beginning, nor end, so I will begin describing the process from the point where the deoxygenated blood arrives at the heart from the body. The process begins as the blood travels through the body, dispersing the oxygen from its cells and then returns through the two vena cava veins that import deoxygenated blood to the heart (Cardiovascular Consultants). The deoxygenated blood arrives at the heart, specifically into the right atrium, which is one of the two upper chambers of the heart muscle. The atrium
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ChristmanWK2ForumQuestion - Christman 1 Tiffany...

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