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Christman 1 Tiffany Christman/FTMYERS Professor Hazel HHSM/Research Week 4 29 March 2010 Using the internet, research high blood pressure. What are the root causes of high blood pressure, what are the physical problems that are attributed to high blood pressure, what are some of the things that can help alleviate high blood pressure? When I was about eight years old my father lost consciousness. My mother was at a doctor’s appointment and I was home alone with my father. I can clearly remember being downstairs at the kitchen table eating my breakfast when I heard what sounded like a thousand bricks had fallen onto the floor above me. I had to call the ambulance because my father was unconscious and lying on the floor. A million thoughts and fears raced through my mind that morning, most prominent of them all was that my father was dead. Once the paramedics arrived and assured me he was alive but not well, I remember waiting with a neighbour lady, terrified until my mother came home. The doctors determined that my father had knocked himself unconscious as a result of a dizzy spell. And when we learned it was due to high blood pressure which his doctors said stemmed from his love for salt and alcohol, it made me angry inside to know that he would risk his life like that, senselessly. In fact to this day, I very rarely use salt in my cooking and I don’t allow my children to add salt to their food, even in moderation. And I can count on one hand how many drinks I have had in the past ten years. A study published by the American Heart Association found that in chimpanzees whose sodium intake was increased over a period of three years to a total of 15 grams a day showed a notable increase in their blood pressure (Elliot et al 1563), while Gary Taubes’ research led him
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ChristmanWK4 - BloodPressure - Christman 1 Tiffany...

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