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Christman 1 Tiffany Christman/FTMYERS Professor Hazel HHSM/Research Week 1 20 April 2010 Use the internet, research JCAHO and how it monitors and regulates the maintenance of medical records. One could almost say that the purpose for the organization known as JCAHO began with the first error made by a medical provider on a patient and its creation was first practiced in a hospital founded by Dr. Ernest Codman in the early 1900s. Dr. Codman was employed as a surgeon and continuously and vocally pushed for a cause and effect report on all treatments used on patients and became an outcast through his antics; his convictions eventually leading to his resignation. He asked board members and fellow doctors alike “for whose primary interest is it to have the hospital efficient: the patient who seeks relief, (or) the public who supports the hospital?” In that era, the hospital needed to maintain their reputation of infallibility and Dr. Codman believed that the hospital owed a greater debt to making sure that mistakes were examined and prevented from occurring again (Meyer). In 1951, four independent organizations, each with a goal of preventing errors in medical practice and initiating standards of treatment came together to form a joint organization which would later be renamed the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO History). The organization is now a respected agency, viewed by medical offices and hospitals alike as having the highest standards and receiving a certification from JCAHO is an honor. Being certified as an institution by the JCAHO is not mandatory for a medical practice, and in fact is noted as being an arduous process (Los Angeles Magazine). And while not required for
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ChristmanWK1 - JCAHO - Christman 1 Tiffany...

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