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Christman 1 Tiffany Christman/FTMYERS Instructor Hazel HHSM/Weekly Discussion Week 2 26 April 2010 Describe the key advantages of electronic medical health records. What are some of the challenges of using electronic medical records. There is little argument about the significant benefits that implementing electronic records can provide. A General Accounting Office report from 1991 regarding electronic medical records (EMR) noted a few of the key advantages, including providing medical personnel with better access to records in a timely fashion, with better reliability and quality within the records individually (Dick et al, 52). Electronic records can also serve to improve research studies through the electronic capture of clinical data (Dick et al, 53). One of the most critical disadvantages of electronic medical records is their accessibility not being restricted at this time by law. There are no current federal laws against the sale of de- identified medical records and to put it bluntly, Dr. Deborah Peel explains, “Once personal health data gets out there, it’s like the Paris Hilton sex tape, it is going to be out there forever.” (Singer)
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ChristmanWK2 - Electronic Records procon - Christman 1...

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