bio 19 - invertibrates)- small pop. size = genetic drift...

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bio lect 19: Population genetics - simplified models of teh evolutionary process that we can use to predict the outcome of evolution ( mathematical tables) - HWE (predict allele frequencies from allele frequencies) p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 assume HWE, aa- A p^2 to 2pq ab- A bb- B q^2 frequency of (b) q is (square root of (F(B)) p+q = 1 when there are 2 alleles in pop F (ab) = 2pq the point of this is that most of human diseases come from recessive alleles - How common are heterozygotes Cysic Fibrosis Chrom 7 -CTFR DeltaF508 - amino acid deletion teh frequency of teh affected population is about .04% = q^2 = F(ab) is 4% that carry the gene but do not show/have the disease inbreeding Deviation of HWE assumption -inbredding (contradicts the assumtion of random breeding (mostly plants and some
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Unformatted text preview: invertibrates)- small pop. size = genetic drift smaller population the bigger teh magnitude in error you can simply fail to select the allele (reduces teh variation) population bttleneck- sudden decrease of pop size- priare chicken if we decrease genetic drift, then the number of homozygotes increase and heterozygotes to decrease increasing the bad alleles-foundry everits( colonization) - egg islands humans- out of africa ideas (ancestors developed in Africa and spread out accordingly) colonization process in africa - high genetic diversity european - low molecular diversity in comparison funamentaly mutatition is an error in DNA replication or chromosome transmission generally muattions are a very rare event polyploids maybe be 30 percwnt of plants...
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bio 19 - invertibrates)- small pop. size = genetic drift...

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