17 half - sub sepecies, slight but not disticnt change...

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bio lect 16/17 understanding evolution tree of life: natural selectin - monday variation in phenotypes morphology, physiology, behavior. .. inheritance over production difference in survival/ reproduction - lead to a frequency of favorable traits in the next generation artificial selection - population pressure, biography, fossil records, embryology anatomy. DWM powerd by Natural selection relation between america and africa and studied dispersal homologous structures; modified for different purposes -tetrapod forelimbs -flippers, wings, legs, al modified for different purposes but all for movement pouches that form gills in fish, and ears and throat in humans molecular homologies, -gene codes - transreceptore/ translagtions -colinear organization expression Dvg divergence of phenotype in accordance to adaption Branch out with time but some become extinct
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Unformatted text preview: sub sepecies, slight but not disticnt change descent with modification DWM - NS - extinction as a way to understand diveristy and fossil rcord tree of life, 3 domains: archaea, bacteria, eukarya evolution is not progression, thsi is tree of life, showing advance in evidence: fossils morphology molecular hope for rescent fossils mosst information comes from current species fossils -> morphology -> ancestors general principles: systematics-taxa ; genral family orders - monophyletic (root is one common ancestor)- group by shared derived traits paraphylatic ; where we dont have teh same ancestor polyphyletic: marsupial rats trait variatives - model of sequence evol. infer teh most probable polygenetics huelsenbeck infer something about time but we ned fossils to do it....
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17 half - sub sepecies, slight but not disticnt change...

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