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bio lect 14 - nutrients that are required affect the plant...

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Water potential" Psi Psi Pi: Salt/ solute dissolved in H2O Psi P: Pressure why water moves to top is becasue its suckd guard cells: closing opening has water potential with it when open the guard cells water goes in Ψp goes up water changes because of change in Ψ inside teh GC the plasma membrane now moves solute'salts into the guard cells( come from the epidermal cell) Potassium is teh main solute Closed: little trigger pressur ein GC GC Ψ-1 ΨPi -2 ΨP 1 EP Ψ-2 ΨPi -6 ΨP 4 Open GC Ψ -3 Ψpi -8 ΨP 5 EP Ψ -1 Ψpi -4 ΨP 3 mamosa collapses becasue of change in trigger pressure 1) touch plant 2)small electric current is yielded 3) pumping out of K from leaves 4) water leaved teh leaf 5) loss of triger pressure 6) leaf collapses overall water potential is teh same but for differetn reasons. only look at overall water
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potential that controls water direction. macro nutrients": 4 % of leaf waight vanishingly small ampounts co factors for enzymes or involved in elctron transp. specific nutrients.: hoaglnad - plants were out in jars where pure water with different minerals to find what
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Unformatted text preview: nutrients that are required affect the plant. found teh necessary nutrients that are needed for full life cycle total absence = death inadequate amounts yields deficiency diseases carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphurous, poassium, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, Iron, and magnessium. (macro nutrients) Micro nutrients: cobalt, flouride, copper, meligdinum, Boron Special plants that need special nutrients. horse tail: silica gritty nature is used fr cleaning dishes, pans assuming teh plant doesnt have a disease, you need fertilizer 3 numbers written( represetnt ratios of K: P: N you would want to change raios in different cstages in life how to find out: leaf -> time 2 sets -more time> 3 sets indications: which leaves look bad? newest or oldest oldest looks good but new ones dont: missing mineral is immobile (doesnt move once incorporated) Calcium is immoblie young leaves look always look good: mobile nutrient...
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bio lect 14 - nutrients that are required affect the plant...

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