bio lect 15 - mutability of species: buffon lamack E Darwin...

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lecture 15 evolution: guiness evolution allegro non troppo evolution (3) whats wrong? why care? understand humans niology behavior? physiology + anatomy antibiotics resistance 1929 flemming discovered penicillin 43 mass produced 47 resisitance 10 others pathogens are good at escaping the human influences agriculture green revoltion -> mono cultured -> pests insecticides weeds applications: rapid environmental change; -invasive species non native - goves pressure on native species or hybridizes them habitat fragmentation - changes gene flow (exchange of genes between population) climate change - will species be able to adapt as it changes -> selection? overharvesting: foundations: aristotle - species fixed - scala naturae progression from slime mold to humans(pinicle of evolution)
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Unformatted text preview: mutability of species: buffon lamack E Darwin geological change: hutton lyell; uniformitiarianism) classification heiracrchy linnaeus IB; nat. hist, taxonomy, gelogy, biogeography beagle 1831-36 naturalist/ companion robert fitzroy 22m X 7m tropical diversity andes - fossil ; earthquakes! islands- few species- related (common ancestor) Nesomimus Mimus ; mimic over time, he was the only one to collect teh mockingbird and teh rats ate the birds becasue of human settling alfred russell wallace- Professional collector amazon 1848 -52 indo- malaya arch pelago 1854-62 sarawak law - heirarchy in animal 1858 - natural selection...
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bio lect 15 - mutability of species: buffon lamack E Darwin...

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