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Eduardo Barajas Bio 1B section 129 4/28/2010 The Opium Poppy; Addictive in so Many Ways When hearing opium, first thing to usually appear in the mind is a drug. That is easily relatable to the opium poppy. The toxic aspect of the opium poppy has led to the passing and spread of the flower. This method of extraction of the opiates were passed down all the way from the Mesopotamians in 3400 B.C. which called it the "joy plant" as reported on oploids.com.(7) The drug has captivated the human species from that time just by its toxic levels. The opium poppy and its seed are now not only cultivated for its morphine and its hallucinogenic properties, but is also cropped for health and decorative purposes. The Poppy seed known for its destructive addiction in China has been using humans as a source for its survival and has been as successful as the widely used plants in recent times. The poppy seed like said before was first recorded in the 34th century BC for its euphoric purposes. This was passed on to Assyrians to Egyptians, Europe, India, and China and now world wide. The Opium Poppy, a strong hallucinogen and anti- depressant qualities was marketed as a natural painkiller. Early studies tried to disprove that the poppy seeds carried very little morphine levels by measuring out to be less than 1 percent. But this was later proved wrong as the more popular poppy are measured to an average of 10% morphine and even as high as 12%. (1) This content levels of morphine and codeine which are strong psychoactive oploid that is potentially addicting and become "both physical and psychologically dependent. .. rapidly." (2) This level of opium and morphine is based on the cultivation of the seed as how and when the plant is harvested will affect the levels. Harvesting is an important aspect of the opium poppy and its preferred effects. "The yield
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opium - Eduardo Barajas Bio 1B section 129 4/28/2010 The...

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