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Eduardo Barajas SID: 20613036 Col Writ. R1A, 11/12/08 Heather Kirn. Day Night Yes No When thinking of a terrorist, what is the first thing that appears in your mind? An Arab, an Indian, a Mexican, anyone that is not American? The concept of a terrorist varies with experiences and the portrayal of the terrorists from where the person is. The media plays an important role in the thought of terrorism in the U.S. The media is a source of information on terrorists that people see because they cannot go and experience the situation on their own. Movies play an important role in what their audience believes to be as a terrorist. They portray a typical stereotype like middle-eastern or anyone foreign. In the movie Day Night Day Night, a post 9/11 movie on terrorism, does not depict the typical classification of a terrorist. A young anonymous American girl is used as the suicide bomber but not much is learned about the young girl. Throughout the movie, questions about her keep piling up. We only see what the young girl truly understands and cares about. This represents the theme of self-identity and how the girl finds various identities as herself, another person, and God’s child, but can not obtain the one that she wants. In the beginning of the movie, the girl is instructed to do a series of steps in order
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day night - Eduardo Barajas SID: 20613036...

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