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The Trip: Eduardo Barajas SID# 20613036 EPS 20. Prof. Allen. The field trip along the hayward fault begins at founders rock. We were informed that the College of California was founded here due to the series of fortunate events thanks to the hayward fault. The fault had caused the mountains and the mountains trap the dense fog that is alway surrounding Berkeley. The hills cause the fog to form into dew and thus comes the stream. From the continuous stream that makes it possible for a school to be established. It was interesting to find this out because I was i didn't know that we had a stream that provides us with water all year long. After the founder's rock, we walked up to the side of the foothill buildings. We had notice where the fault went through because of all the cracks that appeared on the driving path and the off-set of he sidewalk. The fault went right through the buildings but we were told of or saw some preparations for an earthquake. We had been told that the whole foundation was made out of concrete so that the building can be just a little more stable and so that the bottom of the building would not be moving in comparison to the itself. We had also seen the new bridge that is being supported be wheels so that it is free to sway from one end to the other because it is not
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earthquakes - The Trip Eduardo Barajas SID 20613036 EPS 20...

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