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i met you on such a cloudy day, that it was easy for you to shine through. i didnt know u wanted me and i really wanted you, just to hold you, to press those lips against mine, i was on the highest point of everything, then u came back and broke my heart, the frustration, the anger, i didnt know what to do but let u go, i gave her all i could and thats how she repays me. i knew i could have her again, but i wasnt falling for the trap she can fuck with me so bad and then come back like that, her nerve, i let you go without a second thought, but after was another story, syou left those doors and, i was alone, it was all dark, i felt no blood go through me, i knew i had lost something special, i couldnt wait but you didnt want to anymore, i had lost you. .. for good. i couldnt get you out of my mind, i wanted you but i didnt want to risk your happiness, all i heard was his name, and i saw u smile, i missed that smile, it had killed me the way u smiled at his name, at his call, i couldnt bare it. i wanted to tell you but i was stupid enough not to.
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