McCain by Eduardo Barajas

McCain by Eduardo Barajas - 2nd Draft 20613036 Eduardo...

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2nd Draft Eduardo Barajas SID# 20613036 Cal Writ. R1A Inst. Heathe Kirn [email protected] 09/24/08 McCain The 2008 presidential candidate are both contraversial in their own way. McCain has been said that he is too old and that he has been following in footsteps that has put this nation in a crisis. Throughout the whole convention speech, McCain is hitting many topics that are expected to be said in the speech,but he also talks about himself. Throughout the speech, he contradicts himself an his image that he sets upon his audience. While John McCain uses rhetoric strategies to persuade the audience to vote for him, he contradicts himself in his speech going from a strong and independent man to a man with weaknesses and dependent on others to survive and ultimately, possibly hurting himself with the audience. There are people in America that want a strong leader to lead them onto the right direction. McCain uses that to his advantage since his opponent is not. In the beginning of the essay, McCain's constant usage of " I " sets him to be a man that is confident about what he is talking about. To certain extent, McCain begins to sound like a dictator, but
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McCain by Eduardo Barajas - 2nd Draft 20613036 Eduardo...

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