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Eduardo Barajas College Writing R1A Sect 17 Michelle Baptiste JOURNEY Writing has never been one of my strong suits. I have never properly learned how to write before being accepted to Berkeley. I had understood that my writing was not up to par with what was needed for this level of education. It was the first few weeks of school and Michelle was handing back our final papers. I had thought that I had written an acceptable essay and that I would at least pass with maybe a “C” but that was not the case; I did not pass. I wasn’t sure of what I did wrong since I had done the improvements that I would normally do. I changed all the words so that it sounds more intelligent and changing the syntax so that it was easier to read. Those were the only corrections that I needed in order to improve in my previous English classes. Reading the provided grading rubric and the comments that Michelle had left me, I noticed that there was a lot more that went into earning a good grade then before. As I saw my essay full of corrections and questions, I realized that I will have to develop my writing more that before to succeed in this class. I had recognized that this is my chance to grow in a way I never believed possible; I would grow as a writer. My first essay was a challenge because I had to write about a political speech using informative text as a lens. I read George Lakoff’s book Don’t Think Of An Elephant that was written about how progressives and Conservatives frame their beliefs in order to appeal to the audience. Using Lakoff as a lens to view Obama’s Democratic Convention speech in 2004, I was able to understand why he wrote about his parents and why he focused on protection. Obama spoke that way because he wanted to connect with the progressives while still hitting some 1
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conservatives in order to persuade them to vote for John Kerry. I learned how to not read speeches only by what is said, but to think of why the speaker said as well. It is important to be able to read articles while having an outside source because you have more than your two normal eyes to read. Writing my second essay, I learned a lot about the college writing experience. Using articles written in 1980, 1992, and 2004 by Nancy Sommers, I was able to find out that many of the struggles that I went through were common amongst college writing students. It was a motivating experience as I went through all the articles and found a common theme; it was easy to find her main goal. She was writing in order for the students and teachers reading her articles could understand, and more importantly to learn how to teach about her articles .Her articles helped me understand that I was not going to write something good in the beginning and that I should let my thoughts develop. I also learned that I should not look for minor improvements during revising my paper, but I should make my paper develop with the ideas. More importantly, I learned how to use my own personal experiences by adding them into my papers. I
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port - 1 Eduardo Barajas College Writing R1A Sect 17...

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