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Portfolio - mentioned The essays are all well I m using my...

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Portfolio Intro (checl) Essays. Should I use my strongest or should I use the ones that show my growth as a writer.? MLA is it all the stories and sources we used in the essays and mentioned in the intro nad the film? Am I missing something? I believe that my portfolio is a strong portfolio and I am very confident that it is going to pass but I am worried with what. The only comments that I got on my intro were by someone that didn’t clearly comprehend the intro and what was supposed to be
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned. The essays are all well. I m using my political essays and I am attempting to use my Terrorist essay but I am unclear about using that one or my first essay. The weaknesses of my portfolio as of right now are the essays. I don’t know they completely understand my briefings about the papers and if they would understand them as well as the class did since the class did know the prompt for the essays. My main concern in the portfolio is clarity....
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