Speech- 5 Method. Edu_barajas

Speech- 5 Method. Edu_barajas - 5. Peace, War 6. Plan,...

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Eduardo Barajas 20613036 CWrit. R1A. Inst. Heather Kirn [email protected] Step 1: Repeated word: 1. Promise 2. Americans 3. Fail 4. Clinton 5. President 6. Nation 7. Better 8. Country 9. Now 10. Plan 11. Future 12. George Bush 13. McCain 14. Republican 15. Economy 16. Nation of Whiners 17. Pay 18. Money 19. Afford 20. million 21. billion 22. Students 23. Freedom 24. Jobs 25. Taxes 26. Energy 27. Pay 28. Iraq 29. Democrats 30. End War 31. Men 32. Women 33. Soldiers 34. God 35. Politics 36. College 37. Government Step 2: Strands
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Country-American-Better-Country-President-Clinton-Democrat-Afford-Economy-Money-Jobs- Pay-Energy-Taxes-Future-End War-Students-Now Step 3: Binary 1. Men, Women 2. Democrats, Republican 3. Keep Promise, Break Promise 4. Care, Know
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Peace, War 6. Plan, Promise Step 4: What Doesn't Fit 1. Nation Of Whiners 2. Celebrities Part II: I saw that that strand was the most important. Everything fit together and this was a speech so mostly everything did flow together. The speech is one big strand but I chose to put what was the most important in my mind and just summarize. The word that is the most important is "Promise" because that is all he can do and that is what he keeps on talking about in his speech. A promise is what we vote on. Step 5: So What? The things that don't fit are when he attacks McCain. They go off his topic for a bit and off what truly matters. I don't think they were needed....
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Speech- 5 Method. Edu_barajas - 5. Peace, War 6. Plan,...

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