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Eduardo Barajas SID#20613036 ColWrit. R1A. Heather kirn 11/3/08 Terror Terrorists are being shown in the negative light in all of the media. Most people do not think differently about that if that is all that is seen. Now in days after the 9/11 incident, most terrorist are considered to be middle-eastern. In many movies like the new hit “Iron Man”, there were middle-eastern terrorists and nobody had seen it as an incorrect stereo-type. It is what is mainly accepted now in days. In the 1960’s, the Arabs were targeted as being the terrorists. It just seems that the people that the we were not very familiar with seems the easiest to target I that specific way. In the 1980’s, terrorists were popular with the James Bond movies and and seem to be what the audience seems to enjoy. Since the media always goes for ratings and popularity, to exaggerate seems to make the audience more enticed with the article or the movie. Terrorists are considered to
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Unformatted text preview: be people against the civilians and not always just a specific group but since the specific group is seen mainly as terrorists, the media stays with that to make the audience stay with it. Terrorist are always shown as “bad” people and whoever takes them down, they are seen as “good” people. The guerillas have had ongoing warfare with terrorists and the guerillas were always depicted to be the “good” people that we support. The media does exaggerate with the terrorist although some of the of the base can be fact. That is how the media gets all their audience. They don’t always give the truth, but they give the audience what they want to see and it seems to be that they audience wants the terrorist to always be the villain, and the villain is always the loser in the movie....
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